To keep the original integrity of your vintage home, refurbishing old windows and doors can be more desirable and cost effective than replacing with new. 

This 90 year old home in Fullerton, California, has arched in-swing casement windows that were no longer useable.  Due to 90 years worth of paint and use, every time these windows were used, new damage would occur.  This resulted in broken window panes, rails and styles that were coming apart and leaks during every rain.  To replace these windows, the expense would be prohibitive. 

Each of the 4 casement sash were removed; stripped of paint on the interior and exterior; clamped and glued as required; re-glazed where necessary; all of the hinges and latches were brushed, buffed and sealed.  After the sash had been repaired, they were sanded, primed and applied with 2 coats of finish.  The interior frames were also stripped, sanded, primed and finished.  These windows also had brass interlock weatherstripping.  Old paint was removed and the brass extrusions were straightened.

The result were antique windows that operated freely, no longer leaked and maintained the original integrity of the home.